Association of Industrial Automation of Ukraine, was created in 2011. Association has the mission of development of the local market through set-up of professional standards in technical field and in business development. It represents the interests of the Ukrainian industrial automation community.

Main activities and tasks of  the Association include:

  • Harmonization and promotion of international standards (IEC/ISO) in the field of industrial automation and IT.
  • Consolidation and development of expert groups.
  • Improving dialogue between different groups of stakeholders (incl. researchers and Universities).
  • Providing industry insights, outline critical development problems and suggest appropriate solutions.
  • Set up and provide new services for community members and partners, including promotion and export.
  • Developing hi-tech communities and eco-systems in cluster-like approach.
  • Moving innovations in line with developing countries.

The Association functions as a non-government and non-profit organization uniting legal entities. General Assembly of members is the highest body of the Association. It appoints the Management Board, which, in turn, appoints the General Director of the Association. Executive direction includes 5 persons. Budget of Association is formed of membership fees, grants and sponsors donations.

The general manager of Association is Alexandre Yurchak, experienced business developer, graduated in Engineering and Marketing. He has 25+ years experience working in Industrial Automation, Engineering & OEM markets.

Today, Association includes 7 categories of members:

  1. Manufacturers of industrial automation products (big global brands like Siemens, ABB, Schneider Electric and other, and also local manufacturers like Mikrol, Oven and Novatek-Electro).
  2. Local control system integrators and engineering companies.
  3. IT companies and IT integrators.
  4. Machine-building enterprises
  5. Big industrial End Users.
  6. Local Universities.
  7. Third party partners and services provides.

Total number of members is 54.

In 2016 Association created the national movement «Industry 4.0 in Ukraine»,  that unites today 200+ members. The mission of the movement is to promote and educate the local market in 4.0 technologies (IoT, big data, A.I., robotics, additive manufacturing, Vr/AR).

In 2017 Association created its own Technical Committee 185 (TC 185) which report to National Entity of Standardization. The tasks of TC 185 are about speed-up the process of harmonization technical standards in Industrial Automation.

Association also closely cooperates with government body in the development of innovation, export and industrial policies in Ukraine. In 2019 Association has developped the national strategy ‘Industry 4.0’.

In last 5 years, APPAU has realized next development projects

Contacts and more information, – info@appau.org.ua