Wednesday, 16 February 2022, в 10:46

At the end of January 2022, the APPAU association has started the ‘Youth in Industry 4.0’ campaign. It’s goal is to build the common agenda of industrial and hi-tech economic sectors that should include clear statements about the main challenges and how to resolve them in terms of priorities and action plans. Respectively, the campaign includes analytic studies, regional round tables and the final conference in Kyiv on March 3d.

Tuesday, 14 September 2021, в 12:54

Since 2016, the Association of Industrial Automation of Ukraine (APPAU) has been attracting funds from international donor organizations for the development of Ukrainian Industry 4.0. During this period, we have implemented more than 10 projects of different scale and area, such as the development of strategies and individual provisions of Industry 4.0 and industrial development, development of Centers 4.0, standardization, cluster development, smart specialization, improving international cooperation and more.

Friday, 6 September 2019, в 12:05

On August, Ukrainian technical committee 185’ ‘Industrial Automation’ has started the project called aCampus, – ‘awareness CAMpaign for better Use of Standards’. This article describes goals and the scope of tasks in the project. 

Wednesday, 12 June 2019, в 16:32

This webinar has been done in the frame of EaP Plus project, APPAU has realized together with Polish partners in 2018. The presentation highlights the key lessons got in the project and calls to continue exchanges between countries of Eastern partnership and EU.

The study about the state of Industrial IoT on Ukraine has been done in 2018 in the frame of Ukrainian – Polish project ‘IoT cluster collaboration’ within EaP Plus program. This presentation highlights the early stage of IoT development in Ukraine but with strong potential of development.