APPAU signed the MoU with French cluster of Industry 4.0 CIMES

In May 2022, APPAU has signe Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a biggest French cluster of Industry 4.0, CIMES. In this artcile we represent CIMES to our audience and members of the association.

CIMES is a French innovation cluster (« pôle de compétitivité ») located in both regions Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Nouvelle-Aquitaine and dedicated to mechanical engineering, manufacturing and production performance. Our mission is to coordinate the highly-innovative ecosystem gathering the stakeholders from industry, academic and research communities in order to think, develop and industrialize processes, products and services in the framework of Industry 4.0. Our large ecosystem is composed of more than 500 organisations. The core of our ecosystems is composed of innovative solution providers that are able to support end-user companies to point out the right digital supplies they need to improve their processes.

Our thematic roadmap is built around three main topics: Engineering for Manufacturing, Materials and SurfacesIntegrated Robotics and Production EfficiencyOptimized engineering for sustainable systems. This roadmap enables us to develop our cross-sectoral dimension giving us the opportunity to deal with the traditional industrial sectors like aeronautics and automotive and to diversify our activity with sectors like health, agriculture, agrifood, energy…

4 communities are under the umbrella of CIMES: 1/ Initiative 3D dedicated to Metallic Additive Manufacturing, 2/ XR Community dedicated to Virtual, Augmented and Extended Reality technologies, 3/ Solution Providers Community gathering the most innovative companies and 4/ GREEN CIMES Community dedicated to the green transition and resilience.

APPAU plans with CIMES the series of events wich start on September 2022. Both parties are determined to improve the level of franco – ukrainian collaboration in Industry 4.0 and in innovative ecosystems development.