Monday, 2 March 2020, в 13:00

The National strategy Industry 4.0 appeared in Ukraine in Dec 2018. The development was done in the Association of Industrial Automation of Ukraine (APPAU), it is the founder of National movement Industry 4.0. Being non-profit NGO, APPAU had to validate the portfolio of the strategy with its members and it has been done in Jan 2019. The General meeting decided to support 5 projects from proposed 16. The year 2019 has showed that this decision was right, as we had no support from local government and just waiting for that would mean to lost a year.

Wednesday, 12 June 2019, в 16:32

This webinar has been done in the frame of EaP Plus project, APPAU has realized together with Polish partners in 2018. The presentation highlights the key lessons got in the project and calls to continue exchanges between countries of Eastern partnership and EU.

The study about the state of Industrial IoT on Ukraine has been done in 2018 in the frame of Ukrainian – Polish project ‘IoT cluster collaboration’ within EaP Plus program. This presentation highlights the early stage of IoT development in Ukraine but with strong potential of development.

Tuesday, 11 June 2019, в 13:35

A lot of buzzwords surround Industry 4.0 today worldwide. One of my colleagues was inspired by Japanese concept ‘Society 5.0’ and proposed a new movement ‘Ukraine 4.0’) 

Monday, 10 June 2019, в 12:43

The national strategy Industry 4.0 has been developed on December 2018 by APPAU’s expert with support of OBSE. The strategy includes 13 projects and set of tasks of policy synchronization with the Government. This synchronization and harmonization is primary and urgent challenge of industrial hi-tech stakeholders as today no strategy (industrial manufacturing, innovation, export, cluster) is valid and acts in Ukraine.