List of projects and programs of Industry 4.0

Since 2016, the Association of Industrial Automation of Ukraine (APPAU) has been attracting funds from international donor organizations for the development of Ukrainian Industry 4.0. During this period, we have implemented more than 10 projects of different scale and area, such as the development of strategies and individual provisions of Industry 4.0 and industrial development, development of Centers 4.0, standardization, cluster development, smart specialization, improving international cooperation and more.

APPAU received funding from international organizations such as the OSCE, the EU (Horizon 2020 / EaP Plus programs), USAID, GIZ, UNDP, UNIDO. We thank our international partners for their help. At the same time, during all these years the project portfolio of Ukrainian Industry 4.0 remains chronically underfunded. The main reason is the fact that the Ukrainian state is still unable to centralize relevant policies and strategies at the central government level. In fact, out of the required amount of 30 million hryvnas for the implementation of the 2019-21 strategy projects, we have received only 6 million and APPAU implements many mini-projects at its own expenses.

Here below is a list of 17 current projects in which we seek co-financing and assistance. We invite international organizations, donors, relevant departments of central and regional executive bodies that plan the development of Industry 4.0. For cooperation, please contact

1. Update strategy I4.0 to 2030

Short description: There is a strategy for the implementation of Industry 4.0 in Ukraine for the period 2019-21. It was ordered by the Ukrainian government, but then "lost" in the corridors of power. At the same time, this strategy was partially implemented by the developer - the APPAU association and needs to be updated today. Ukraine is the only country in Eastern Europe that does not have any existing government support programs for Industry 4.0. The aim of the project is to develop a new strategy for Industry 4.0 until 2030, synchronous with the National Economic Strategy 2030.
Status: The strategy from 2018 is taken as a basis.
Cost: 25 000 
Duration: 6 months

2. Creating industry roadmaps for digital transformation
Short description: 
Development of clear priorities for the development of digital transformation at the sectoral level: Food, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy, Energy, MIC. Includes training and technology innovation days (TID) for businesses, with a focus on SMEs.
Status: There are detailed suggestions and experience. See also the example of Food.
Cost: 15 000 €/sector
6 months

3. Launch of the project of the national cluster strategy of Industry 4.0
Short description:
The proposal of the national program of cluster development was developed by a group of Industry4Ukraine experts in 2020 under the leadership of APPAU. The project was submitted to the Ministry of Economy in the same year and contains clear recommendations and national priorities for the development of the cluster movement.
Status: There is a detailed project application. There is no government reaction yet..
Cost: 190 000 €
36 months

4. Development of a portfolio of I4.0 projects at the regional level
Short description:
As part of regional smart specialization strategies, many regions are trying to design projects and programs for the development of the Industry. But today there is no region that would actually launch such a project. In 2020, in the framework of the project "Integration 4.0" in APPAU together with the Institute of Economics and Forcasting of National Academy of Science of Ukraine developed an adapted method of Entrepreneur Development Process (EDP), which allows you to quickly reach an agreed portfolio of projects reg. development.
Status: There are many developments in the project "Integration 4.0", ready for deployment in new regions. See the report of the project "Integration 4.0"
Cost: 15 000 € / region
8 months

5. Creation of the Analytical Center of Industry 4.0
Short description:
The conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the high vulnerability of many industries, their dependence on the markets of raw materials, supplies and markets. To help SMEs respond quickly to external changes, the Industry4Ukraine platform has set up the Analytical Center, which is positioned as an independent think tank specializing in industrial markets and policies, including the analysis of European industry and Industry 4.0 policies. In 2020, it worked on more than 7 important development topics, released 7 digests and the practical guide "Industrial Policy Tools". The ultimate goal is to fully synchronize the initiatives of the business communities of the Industry4Ukraine platform with the reaction of government agencies to changes, and their synchronization with EU policy has not been achieved. The center was closed due to lack of funding.
Status: Ready project application. There is experience in involving experts and implementing analytical projects.
Cost: 30 000 € 
6 months

6. Development of an innovation cluster in industry at the regional level
Short description: 
Thanks to the ClusteRISE project with the support of GIZ-Ukraine, practices and methods have been developed in several regions of Ukraine to expand the cluster activities of young clusters in the industrial and high-tech sectors. New projects can be replicated based on this experience.
Status: Ready project applications and methods.
Cost: 50 000 € / cluster
12 months

1. Trade mission I4.0 for the selected target region

Short description: In 2019-20, APPAU conducted a number of studies to study the potential of Ukrainian exporters - developers and integrators of Industry 4.0. Analytical report released, Land4developer website created. At the same time, there is no budget for the deployment of export operations in specific target markets. The project formulates the goals and objectives of the marketing campaign to bring 20 exporters (mines) to the markets of 3 of the selected CIS countries.
Status: Ready project application. There are many analysts and developments in the markets of the EU and Central Asia.
Cost: 40 000 
Duration: 12 months

2. Organization of the Ukrainian stand I4.0 at the exhibition Hannover Messe / Regional or bilateral online forums

Short description: The aim of the project is to develop exports and better integrate into the European value chain of Ukrainian innovators Industry 4.0 through the organization of the first Ukrainian stand at the Hanover Exhibition (HMI). The project at HMI-2020 was supported by USAID, but canceled due to COVID-19. There are alternative proposals for online forums - regional or bilateral - examples of the System Integration Forum 2021 and the Ukrainian Cluster Week Forum).
Status: Ready project applications. There is also experience in holding large-scale forums. Already created an export site, there is a prototype of the matchmaking platform, integrated with the support of forums.
Cost: 20000–150,000 € depending on online or offline
Duration: 6 months

3. Development of a national strategy for integration into the Global Value Added Chains in Industry 4.0

Short description: In preparation for HMI 2020, initial work was carried out to prepare a national Industry 4.0 strategy. In particular, at the request of the Ministry of Economy, a technical task was formed for analytical studies of the potential for integration into global value chains by key industrial sectors and separately, in the field of Industry 4.0. The works were stopped due to lack of funding.
Status: Ready project application
Cost: 20 000 
Duration: 4 months

4. Launch of a brokerage and matchmaking system

Short description: Ukrainian Innovators 4.0 has limited access to financial instruments not so much due to the lack of funds, but rather because of weak fundraising services. In 2021, APPAU established its own project office, which specializes in providing SMEs with information and technology brokerage services, together with partner Centers 4.0. The project envisages a full-fledged deployment of a digital platform for brokerage and matchmaking around the main requests of SMEs, as well as the formation of a network of 7 experts in technology brokerage.
Status: Ready project application. There is also an existing prototype of the matchmaking platform.
Cost: 25 000 
Duration: 6 months

5. Accelerate internationalization through the adoption of international standards

Short description:

In 2019-20, thanks to GIZ, APPAU successfully implemented the aCampus project to bring 5 international standards to market. Technical Committee 185 "Industrial Automation" translated 5 IEC / ISO standards, brought them to the level of DSTU, implemented a broad promotion program and obtained the first cases of implementation. Today TC 185 and APPAU are ready to replicate such projects with new standards and even more effective market engagement.
Status: Ready project application
Cost: 40 000 
Duration: 8 months

1. Launch of industry and / or regional Industry Centers 4.0

Short description: In 2018, APPAU released the concept of Centers 4.0 and began creating a network in 3 regions. This experience was partially successful - the full functioning of such centers is impossible without a separate, independent structure and which receives the initial financial impetus. In 2020, a project application was developed, which provides for the creation of a separate structure within a region, which is gradually moving to self-financing. In 2021, APPAU is also forcing the transition of Centers 4.0 to the framework of the European DIH program.

Status: Ready grant application. Experience of implementing Centers 4.0 in 4 regions of Ukraine.
Cost: 120 000 € /1 center
Duration:  24 months

2. Conducting regular technological and innovation days(TID) at the regional level

Short description: Brokerage events, where potential customers can meet Innovators 4.0, and where a wide range of innovation support is promoted as a sustainable format of innovative development at the level of regions or industries, are practically non-existent in Ukraine. In 2021, as part of the ClusteRISE project, APPAU proposed such a format for regular 1-day offline events. Preparation for the TID was accompanied by a detailed analysis of innovations and innovation ecosystems of the regions and the construction of regional landscapes I4.0. This first experience significantly changed the perception of all stakeholders about the state of ecosystems and the level of interaction of innovators with the market. Reports on Kharkiv - here, on Zaporozhye - here. TID is offered today as a ready format of top innovative events for all regions of Ukraine.
Status: Ready project applications. Easily configured for industry - sector format.
Cost:  3000–5000 € depending on the choice of options and the initial state of the analytics
Duration: 3 months

3. Research "The level of penetration of digital technologies in industry"

Short description: Although there are already many 4.0 innovators and many implementations in Ukraine, there is no clear information on the level of penetration of Industry 4.0 technologies. APPAU operates only with expert data at the level of individual sectors and states that this level does not exceed 5-10%, and not only for new technologies, but also for many "old" ones (such as MES / MOM, PLM / PDM, LIMS, APS, APC, etc.). Assessment of the real is necessary to build national or regional-sectoral strategies. The project proposes a comprehensive study on this topic, including discussion at a large-scale forum (Trans4mation) and further implementation of proposals at the level of state strategies.
Status: Ready project application
Cost: 50 000 
Duration: 6 months

4. Trans4mation - holding the largest Industry 4.0 forum in Eastern Europe

Short description: IT-Enterprise - the leader of the Ukrainian Industry 4.0, a member of APPAU is the organizer of the largest forum on I4.0 Trans4mation which is held regularly in November. The event makes a strong contribution to the promotion of the best cases of Industry 4.0, focused on the first persons, and thus significantly contributes to the awareness and involvement of industrial markets in the 4th industrial revolution. The company's costs for holding the forum offline in 2019 exceeded 100 thousand euros. Together with APPAU, IT-Enterprise is looking for partners who can support such a forum, integrating it into a broader format of interaction with government policies and action programs in the field of digitalization of industry and the circular economy (digital & green transition).
Status: Ready project application
Cost: From 35 000 €
Duration:  4 months

5. Creating a network of Industry 4.0 experts

Short description: A network of independent, qualified Industry 4.0 experts, capable of diagnosing enterprises on the level of readiness and issuing development recommendations, is a key asset of most countries that are successfully implementing Industry 4.0. This practice has been introduced by Western European countries, many Asian countries, today Poland is doing it. APPAU proposes the creation of such a network in Ukraine on the basis of the methodology of the Singaporean government SIRI.
Status: Project application in preparation.
Cost: TBD (from 100 000)
Duration: 12 months

6. Creating full-fledged marketplaces in Industry 4.0

Short description: Since 2017, APPAU has periodically tried to create Industry 4.0 marketplaces. In 2018, such an attempt was made on the website of Industry 4.0, in 2021 - in the regional format for the Zaporizhia IAM cluster. Both attempts proved the need for a much greater focus on the content-analytical part and careful work with the database. For example, for automation and engineering services, it is necessary to first create a modern classifier of these services, corresponding to the real market segmentation (local codes of economic activities are too generalized or in some places outdated). Next, the database must be filled and moderated processes of entering information from the market. There are 2 projects on this topic - the creation of a national marketplace of Industry 4.0, and a marketplace of IAM clusters (completion of the Zaporizhia format).
Status: Ready project applications
Cost: 20 000 €
Duration: 6 months