Membership in the Association

There are several types of membership in the Association. Commercial entities can become either full members. Non-profit organizations and education providers can become academic members.  All new members must submit a declaration to join. Commercial entities pay a fee of UAH 20 000 (700 euro) for a full membership for 1 year.


  • Strengthening of market influence in your target segment in Ukraine. Based on industry insights and access to market information, effective exchanges and dialogue, our members can more clearly define their business potential, priorities for development and create new mechanisms of influence.
  • Faster introductions of new products, standards and solutions to the markets. Based on new promotion technologies, single information platform and strong presence in social networks, our Association strengthens calls of the players to the markets and sends them to a variety of interested parties.
  • Speed-up in the implementation of innovative Industrial concept and technologies (as Industry 4.0-5.0) into Ukrainian markets. Association is the key player of local Industry 4.0 movement, uniting 300+ market players and lobbying the interest of communiteis through Industry4Ukraine platform.
  • Improving overall image of automation solutions and services providers. The Association positions suppliers of industrial APCS (automated process control systems) as leading innovation companies that actively participate in solving complex challenges to the Ukrainian economy. Sending this message to relevant shareholders, owners and investors contributes greatly to the improvement of image for each member of the Association and industry in general.

Current list of members, see here (Ukr).
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Application form for the membership in Association of Industrial Automation in Ukraine

With regard to membership rules of the Association, I confirm my willingness to join Association of Industrial Automation of Ukraine.