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Honorary Membership in APPAU

Your contribution to the Resilience and Recovery of Ukraine!

APPAU welcomes organizations from the US and EU willing to become our members. You can improve our Resilience during time of conflict. We invite you to become an honorary member of our community enabling your participation in future Recovery projects. Let’s build a partnership!

Value Proposition for Foreign Organizations

APPAU membership will provide your organization with three main benefits

Joining the initiative PROFESSIONALS4UKRAINE

The Professional4Urkaine initiative was formed in 2022 by members of the US-based Control System Integrators Association (CSIA). It reflects our common values such as:

Protection of human rights, freedom and dignity

Professional solidarity without borders

Economic support, sustainability and stability worldwide

As an APPAU member you will get access to different events and activities, demonstrating your partnership with Ukrainian SIs and promoting these values in the international arena. At the end of the year, the most active members will receive the Professionals4Ukraine Award.

Regular access to information about Resilience and Recovery projects

APPAU gives you access to the latest information about the status of current Recovery projects in Industry, Energy, Infrastructure, Healthcare and Construction sectors. As the leader of the Ukrainian Cluster Alliance, APPAU also promotes its own portfolio of projects of Resilience and Recovery of Ukraine, in which you can participate. In taking part in improving our Resilience in time of war, you help us prepare for the period of Recovery that will occur when the fighting ends.

Networking and professional exchange with Ukrainian system integrators and developers

APPAU is an entry point to the Ukrainian high-tech industrial ecosystem. Here, you will find the right partner in every sector of Ukrainian industry. In this capacity, APPAU provides the following services:

Regular information digests in English

Organization of informational webinars and in-person events (mainly in the EU)

Promotion of our members for the purpose of international cooperation. This is done through a number of informational resources, the main of which is Land4Developers

Innovative fundraising services (EIF program)

Marketing and PR services and guidance on entering the Ukrainian market

EU and US-companies that have already joined APPAU

We welcome the first honorary members of APPAU

How to Become a Member of APPAU

To become a member of APPAU, please fill out a registration form and pay an annual fee of 750 USD (700 EUR).

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