Panorama of offer and needs from Ukraine in energy sectors

Association of Industrial Automation of Ukraine (APPAU) unifies 40 permanent members who provides solutions and services in the area of Industrial Automation and IT.

APPAU sees its main mission in developing local market through performance of three roles:

  • we accelerate acceptance of major international standards in the field of Industrial Automation (ISA/IEC/ISO). We promote the standards, we train specialists, and we advocate local validation of the standards;
  • we facilitate dialogue among main players (end users, system integrators, vendors and universities) in order create common clear goals and roadmaps of modernizing local industries;
  • we find and invite partners and with them create new value-added services around missing elements and gaps in local market ecosystem. Typically, our partners close market gaps in new products, marketing, education & training, standards, innovation etc.

We also welcome foreign partners of different kind and provide them marketing and information services.

APPAU is also the founder of local movement ‘Industry 4.0 in Ukraine’ unifying 60 members. We make part also in Government initiative ‘Digital Agenda Ukraine’.

Engineering potential  and offer from Ukraine

Facts & stats about Ukraine:

  • Ukraine is in top-10 IT outsourcing countries of the world, with no less than 100 thousand skilled IT-developers and 15 thousand engineers in industrial automation;
  • Ukraine is home to around 70 Control System Integrators covering major industries (Energy Generation & Distribution, Metal & Mining, Food & Beverages, Infrastructure etc.).
  • Around 40-50 System Integrators are exporters; 20 System Integrators (only in APPAU) operate OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) facilities, enabling them to function as machine builders perform in the field of process engineering.

Ukrainian System Integrators export services and outsource staff worldwide. You can count on reliability, good price and quality of our members. Here is just 3 good references

  • Techinservice Group ( ) have been working for a while with many German, French, Eastern European and Central Asian industries. They provide a large variety of machinery and services, and they build plants in turnkey mode in sugar, food & beverage.
  • Terawatt Group ( is a strong player in Metallurgy. They provide complex control solutions in the field of iron & steel industry, their key application is around blast furnace.
  • Luxoft ( is a leading international company with headquater in Suisse and developer base in Ukraine, well known worldwide for its quality of IT-development product in many industries. Luxoft is member of Industry 4.0 APPAU founded in Ukraine.


Potential needs and opportunities for South Korea technologies providers in Ukraine

Typically, our members have 5 kind of unsatisfied needs and expectations

  • Better access to financial resources and mechanism. The cost of money is very high in Ukraine (up to 25% of loan) that stops financing of many potential projects especially in Energy sector. The same time energy generation industry has very old assets where 70-80% needs to be replaced nearest 5-15 years.
  • Application expertise and solution-based approach in new technologies. Because of low level investment many projects were frozen in Ukraine during years. That’s why many local companies had no possibilities to follow-up the latest technologies evolution in practice.
  • Better understanding of new models and mechanisms how modern energy generation & distribution markets can and should work. In particular, Ukraine need to speed-up the evolution of renewable energy production.
  • Better knowledge of new energy saving technologies based on new intelligent (smart) devices and products. Even the Ukrainian market is traditionaly open for Western products, Asian products including from Sought Korea are not so well spread through Ukraine. Many distributors and system integrators are open to discuss about new products and services. Ukraine remains last position in Europe regarding energy consumption ration in manufacturing.
  • Better knowledge of how new innovation and R&D can be managed in Science and Technology park. Ukraine has just few working techno parks but most of companies do not understand the idea of unifying in common development place and need to better understand how it works on practice.

More info about energy sector, see

Welcome to Ukraine to find the right partner in Engineering, Local Distribution and Outsourcing!



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