Current status of deployment of Industry 4.0 projects 

The project of National strategy 4.0 (here in Ukrhas been created by APPAU experts on Dec-2018. Since that time, it is largely communicated to State bodies to find synchronization points and to establish common plans. The total cost of projects is estimated in 25 million Hryvna. Till May-2019 no project is accepted or validated by Government, as well as the Strategy itself.  

Current Status and Priorites:

On Jan-2019 APPAU takes the decision to support 6 projects (of 13) by own means. On Feb-2019, some communication starts between APPAU and Ministry of Education and Science (who is responsible for new Innovation strategy), later with Ministry of Economic development and Trade. However, chance to find true support and financing by State stakeholders are estimated by APPAU as close to zero. The big round table ‘Government – Business: synchronization in project Industry 4.0’ is planned on 14th of March.   

Nevertheless, communication and search of partners lasts 

The general map of projects scope is the next.

 The current, still not validated initiatives are in yellow, the validated and launched ones are in green. 


  Resuming, the most prioritized projects where APPAU look for donors and partners concerns of 6 main directions:  

  1. The audit of innovative potential, at the regional and industry level.  
  2. Creation of industry roadmap of digital transformation (2 sectors are in focus, Food and Machinery) 
  3. Fostering of innovative ecosystem at the base of network of regional Center 4.0 as well as creation of regional EAM clusters (EngineeringAutomationMachinery) 
  4. Development of export potential / creation of trade mission to support cluster and 4.0 developers 
  5. Standardization / the large implementation of new standards IEC/ISO compatible woth RAMI model of Industry 4.0. The focus is made on standards relevant to cyber-security and safety. 
  6. Collaboration with EU: improving our visibility and funding  

The list of all projects with concern of mentioned directions is done in the table below.  

There is also more detailed description of many of mentioned projects.


 Directions 2019Short description Current StatusAlready launched actions and initiatives Possible help and opportunities for donors
1Audit of innovative ecosystem of industrial hi tech (incl Universities, Academies, R&D centers, parks)

Cost is 1200 k Hryvna.
Professional study of infrastructure of industrial ecosystems. Target are to define current status, attractivity, competitiveness and abilities to progress in I4-0: all that is important for investors and other stakeholders. 1) Meeting with Ministry of Education and Science regarding of possibilities of integration in their projects

2) Meeting and negotiations with donors regarding status of ecosystems in Food and Machinery

3) Center of TT and 4.0 from Kharkiv try to join efforts in audit of local ecosystem.
APPAU launched own on-line survey «Landscape 4.0» (it is update of innovator’s map from 2017). In May it was finalized into v2.0 Landscape. The complete guide is planned on July, 11. The financing can be breakdown with regard to existing projects of different stakeholders. The issue of 1st catalogue and guide about innovators 4.0 can be also 1st step in export activities.
2Development of innovative ecosystems and clusters in regions

Cost is about 5000 k Hryvna.
The launch in 5 regions of network Center 4.0 on the base of chosen tech. Universities. The launch of EAM cluster in the same regions. 1) APPAU started creation of network Center 4.0 in 2018, 2 centers have created in Odessa and Kharkiv. In 2019 APPAU tries to extend the network and to integrate these Centers into EU Digital Innovation Hubs

2) The concept of clusters EAM (Engineering, Automation, Machinery) ІАМ is prepared and validated in Strategist 4.0 community

3) APPAU proposed to Ministry of economic development to integrate these initiative into their Smart specialization project.
1) New Center is opened in Kyiv, yet to are planned to be open in Sumy and Zaporizhzhia

2) Memorandum about EAM cluster creation are signed with partners in Sumy and Zaporizhzhia.

The same as above. Financing 1 pilot in 1 region, than others.

3Export development in Industry 4.0 and EAM clusters ІАМ

Cost is about 1400 k Hryvna (only trade mission, it’s under changes)
The launch of trade mission for participants of Industry 4.0 movement and EAM clusters. 1) APPAU has already a part of 2 WG in EPO project. The problem is that IT-strategy is far from Industrial issues, when Machin-builders are as well far from digitization.

2) APPAU prepared for ЕРО the separate offer called Smart Export
1) APPAU pushes a lot local developers for integration into global value chain.

2) Meeting with new direction of EPO to consider opportunity for Industry 4.0
Export strategy for EAM clusters can be a separate chapter in new EPO strategy.
4Creation of industries roadmaps of digital transformation

Cost is about 1800 k Hryvna.
Creation of roadmap DT at the level of leading enterprises and industries are well known tool to speed-up the progress in 4.0. The project is aimed to create and scale-up the mechanism of fast dissemination of best methods and also preparing the network of experts in such area. APPAU has already prepared 8-month project FOOD DT that integrates 3 parts – а) creation of 30+ business cases for FOOD segments, б) Launch of FOOD landscape 4.0 and innovation forum 3) creation with FOOD experts of roadmap DT. The cost is around 900 k Hryvna. APPAU experts prepared own policy paper of roadmap DT for Railway. The presentation is done in March.

In May, we launched the new and full scale project for Agri-Food.

We also applied for USAID for ‘Digitalization in Furniture’ project.
We invest into Agri-Food around 100-150 k Hryvna. The needed budget is 900+ k Hryvna.

Cost is of 1750 k Hryvna
There 2 key program here: 1) defense of cyber-security attack and functional safety of critical infrastructure 2) speed-up of transition to international standards as the consequence of GOST cancelation. APPAU work on harmonization of Ukrainian legislation of standards as IEC 62512, 62264, 62443, 61508, ISO 27001 and others. Just few exchanges with Ministry of Economic development. APPAU supports group of expert in Technical Committee 185 ‘Industrial Automation’. The issue #1 is low motivation of experts and low speed of works. APPAU look for any support in this area to increase experts motivation and enrich common experience.

UPD: close to conclude the agreement with GIZ.
6Collaboration with EU networks and funds in Industry 4.0

Cost is about 700 k Hryvna
Improving coordination and integration into EU structures of Industry 4.0 (such as I4MS, Horizon 2020, Factories of the Future, EaP Plus and so on) by establishing the special coordinator position. There are many exchanges but there is no right coordination / communication / engagement of local SMB into such programs. APPAU nominates 1 person responsible for H2020 and other funds. There are also 5 consultants with experience in H2020/COSME and other relative field. SMBs need serie of training and seminars about access and integration into EU structures relative to I4-0.

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