National strategy 4.0

The national strategy Industry 4.0 has been developed on December 2018 by APPAU’s expert with support of OBSE. The strategy includes 13 projects and set of tasks of policy synchronization with the Government. This synchronization and harmonization is primary and urgent challenge of industrial hi-tech stakeholders as today no strategy (industrial manufacturing, innovation, export, cluster) is valid and acts in Ukraine.

The 13 mentioned projects are breakdown by 5 direction including, as indicated on the picture below:

Vision and Strategy:

Vision till 2030 Ukraine is hi-tech, post-industrial country, that is integrated into global values chains and able to produce unique and high quality engineering products and services. For own needs, Ukraine is self-sufficient to ensure its army and its economics by the most needed technologies.

Main objectives:

1. Growth of manufacturing 10% per year that gives growth in GDP from 12% (2017 р.) to 20 % (2022 р.).

2. Faster growth of industrial engineering sectors, 10- 20% per year.

3. Capital attraction into local 4.0 capacities: production, Center R&D, incubators and SMBs.

Direction of development in 2019-22:

1. Synchronization with Industrial and Innovation Strategies at the State level.

2. Creation of innovative ecosystem for industrial engineering sectors.

3. Speed-up of clustersation processes in 4.0 at regional as well at the national levels. 4. Full-scale digitization of key sectors in manufacturing, energy and Utilities sectors.

5. Integration of technologies 4.0 into Defense strategies.

6. Launch of export programs for industrial engineering.

7. Integration into EU and WW environment of 4.0.

More information about the National Strategy Industry 4.0 is given in this presentation below:

In June 2019, this strategy has yet not been validated by Cabinet of Minister of Ukraine. APPAU and partners started the realization of it by own resources. You can find more information about current status here.



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