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«Індустрія 4.0 в харчовій та переробній промисловості»

25 липня, HUB 4.0 Технології 4.0 як інтернет речей, просунута аналітика, дрони, коботи, тощо швидко проникають в промислове середовище, в тому числі, в харчовій та переробній промисловості. 

Schneider Electric запускає першу в Мексиці розумну фабрику з використанням інноваційних рішень EcoStruxure

25 червня 2019 р., Київ — Компанія Schneider Electric, світовий експерт з управління енергією і автоматизації, відкрила першу розумну фабрику в Мексиці.

Де Системні Інтегратори в новій експортній стратегії ІТ?

Маю зробити заяву та «відкриття» для колег з ІТ, точніше з ІТ-аутсорусу – в Україні є системні інтегратори! 🙂  Ця заява може здатись певним колам нашої аудиторії або абсурдною, або очевидною. 

The webinar EaP Plus Academia – Industry collaboration: Ukrainian experience in Industry 4.0

This webinar has been done in the frame of EaP Plus project, APPAU has realized together with Polish partners in 2018. The presentation highlights the key lessons got in the project and calls to continue exchanges between countries of Eastern …

The state of IoT market in Ukraine.

The study about the state of Industrial IoT on Ukraine has been done in 2018 in the frame of Ukrainian – Polish project ‘IoT cluster collaboration’ within EaP Plus program. This presentation highlights the early stage of IoT development in Ukraine but with strong potential of development.

What is ‘Ukraine 4.0’?

A lot of buzzwords surround Industry 4.0 today worldwide. One of my colleagues was inspired by Japanese concept ‘Society 5.0’ and proposed a new movement ‘Ukraine 4.0’) 

National strategy 4.0

The national strategy Industry 4.0 has been developed on December 2018 by APPAU’s expert with support of OBSE. The strategy includes 13 projects and set of tasks of policy synchronization with the Government. This synchronization and harmonization is primary and urgent challenge of industrial hi-tech stakeholders as today no strategy (industrial manufacturing, innovation, export, cluster) is valid and acts in Ukraine.

Overview of Potential and Innovators from Ukraine

Ukraine is well known in Europe for qualified, affordable and available IT staff. With about 100000 IT-developers today ranks as no.1 IT destination in Eastern Europe. At the same time almost nobody knows about industrial high-tech solutions “Made in Ukraine”.There is huge potential from various sectors of IT and innovators across Ukraine.

Current status of deployment of Industry 4.0 projects 

The project of National strategy 4.0 (here in Ukrhas been created by APPAU experts on Dec-2018. Since that time, it is largely communicated to State bodies to find synchronization points and to establish common plans. The total cost of projects is estimated in 25 million Hryvna. Till May-2019 no project is accepted or validated by Government, as well as the Strategy itself.  

Welcome to Association of Industrial Automation of Ukraine!

We are non-profit organization uniting 50 members on Industrial Automation and IT market in Ukraine. Our members are western and local manufacturers of industrial automation and OEM, system integrators and engineering companies, distributors, industrial end users, Universities and consulting agencies. Our mission is in development of the local market through set-up of professional standards in technical field and in business development.

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