Industry 4.0


Since July of 2016 our Association functions as a cofounder of the national «Industry 4.0 in Ukraine» movement. This movement is an integrated platform for uniting business associations, groups and players on the ITC, APCS, engineering and machine building markets, scientists and educators with the purpose of accelerated development of Ukrainian industries with high added value.

We aim to synchronize and integrate into the world wide Industry 4.0 movement.

Principles and goals of the movement are defined in the Charter 4.0 (currently available in Ukrainian). The Charter among other things, outlines our vision of the future: «In ten years we envisage Ukraine among technologically advanced countries. Ukraine will be able to produce and export not only grain and metal, but also products with high added value. 4.0 technologies together with skilled human resources will become one of the key factors ensuring successful realization of this vision».

By the mid of 2017 the movement grew by more than 70 members coming from IT and Industrial Control System markets, developers & startups, universities and manufacturing companies.

Participation in the movement is free of charge, any stakeholder can join the movement by sending a request to by just accepting the statement in Chapter 4.0 . By joining us you are showing your approval and participation in transforming Ukraine.

Participants of the movement receive regular updates and are invited to numerous educational and coordination events aimed to develop Industry 4.0 in Ukraine.