We provide a wide range of services
to our members, including:

Getting orders through development of marketing and sales:

  • special package of lead generation (search for potential clients);
  • free consulting, workshops and master classes on marketing and sales;
  • paid events (trainings etc.), with a differentiated discount.

Positioning – creation of leadership in ideas:

  • free consultations on improvement of market positioning, creating content strategy;
  • paid services of creating content and messages.

Professional growth and development:

  • access to and consulting on Ukrainian and world standards of industrial automation;
  • analytical reports on the status of markets and trends in industrial automation;
  • special reports on knowledge exchanges, best practices and our polls;
  • trainings and educational events to deepen professional skills in the field of industrial automation.

Entering new markets abroad:

  • assisting in obtaining new contacts and connections with export agencies;
  • research of world markets;
  • generation of leads;
  • export consulting.

Entering Ukrainian market:

  • market research and reports for new players entering Ukrainian markets.

Detailed information may be obtained by contacting us at or by phone +380 50 327 34 61.

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